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LRD True Cost Calculator

At Laredo International Airport (LRD), we know that you have several airports to choose from when flying. Sometimes, airfare from Austin (AUS) or San Antonio (SAT) might be less expensive than at LRD. However, LRD offers several advantages:
  • Convenient location that can save you hours of driving and gas money
  • Cheaper parking
  • Less hassle – get from your parking spot to your gate at least 30 minutes faster

  • This calculator is designed to tell you the true cost of traveling from AUS or SAT rather than LRD by calculating how much time it takes you to drive from your home city to the other airports and then assigning a value to that time (and the time you save at LRD due to less hassle). It also adds up the extra travel and parking costs to tell you the total “true” amount that you can save by flying from LRD.

    Airport LRD SAT AUS
    Days of Parking
    Your Hourly Wage
    Distance in Miles One-Way
    Your Starting Point
    Mileage Rate
    Average Speed
    Daily Parking
    Parking Time In Minutes
    Check-In Time In Minutes
    TSA Screening Time In Minutes
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