Board and Administration

Airport Advisory Board

LRD Airport Advisory Board is composed of 9 members, whom are appointed by the Laredo Mayor and City Council from each district.

Created:  Created by ordinance 83-O-071 dated August 16, 1983, found in the Code of Ordinances section 4-4.

Mission Statement:  The mission statement of the Airport Advisory Board is to study, prepare and present, after advise and consultation with the City Manager and the Airport Manager, to the City Council a master plan for operation of the airport, improvements to be made thereon, and a plan of utilization of facilities and hangar space.

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Airport Management

For other questions and inquiries, please visit our Contact Page or call 956-795-2000 ext. 0 to reach the Operator.

Gilberto Sanchez, Airport Director


Alejandro Labrada, Airport Assistant Director

Administration and Business Development

Manuel De Luna Jr., Operations Manager Administration 

Operations and Maintenance

Andrew Knapp, Airport Operations Manager

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