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Airport Advisory Board

LRD Airport Advisory Board is composed of 9 members, whom are appointed by the Laredo Mayor and City Council from each district.

Created:  Created by ordinance 83-O-071 dated August 16, 1983, found in the Code of Ordinances section 4-4.

Mission Statement:  The mission statement of the Airport Advisory Board is to study, prepare and present, after advise and consultation with the City Manager and the Airport Manager, to the City Council a master plan for operation of the airport, improvements to be made thereon, and a plan of utilization of facilities and hangar space.

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Airport Management

For other questions and inquiries, please visit our Contact Page or call 956-795-2000 ext. 0 to reach the Operator.

Gilberto Sanchez, Airport Director


Alejandro Labrada, Airport Assistant Director

Administration and Business Development

Manuel De Luna Jr., Operations Manager Administration          mdeluna@ci.laredo.tx.us 

Operations and Maintenance

Andrew Knapp, Airport Operations Manager

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