Commercial Leasing and Property Management

Laredo International Airport offers various building spaces, aviation facilities, industrial, and build to spec land for every enterprise.  Airport leases land for commercial uses such as industrial, warehouse and distribution, office, medical office, retail, and hangar development.  All leases are subject to approval of the Laredo City Council and leased at Fair Market Value rates.

The Airport will coordinate all design, plans, and construction reviews in compliance with all environmental, federal, state, and local regulations and policies required of developments in Airport property.

A Land Use Development Plan that will incorporate residential properties under the Noise Leasing Program and Commercial is under review.  The plan will provide a growth strategy for the local community to evaluate highest and best utilization of identified properties.  Providing for economic development and compatible with aeronautical activities.

For additional information about Airport Commercial Development and current leasing opportunities, contact Manuel De Luna at or by phone at 956-795-2000 ext.2823

For information about general accounting, invoicing, collections, contact administration office at 956-795-2000.

properties Available

1605 Hillside Suite #2

1701 E. Hillside Rd.

4502 Thomas Ave.

4804 Bartlett

4812 Bartlett

Modernization Plan

Download The Airport Modernization Plan

The Modernization Plan for Laredo International Airport (the Airport or LRD) provides a strategy for developing new or expanded facilities to accommodate forecast demand for cargo, general aviation (GA), and passenger airline traffic in the region through the next 20 years (2033).

The plan goes ahead to outline the range of improvements that will be made for the Airport from infrastructure, security, and increase to Air Cargo in the coming years.

Request for Proposals

Download Proposal
RFP Notice Airport Land Federal Property
RFP Notice Airport Land Development Federal Facility

PROJECT:      Laredo International Airport Aeronautical Development Site(s)

Sealed REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) will be received

The City of Laredo is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) in order to solicit and receive proposals from qualified firms interested in leasing, developing and or managing various parcels at Laredo International Airport (LRD or the Airport).

There are currently seven parcels at Laredo International Airport that could be developed for various aeronautical land uses.  Air cargo activity at the Airport has been steadily growing, as have other aviation-related operations. Due to significant growth in aircraft operations at the airport including substantial cargo operations, it is believed that the Airport could support viable operations or other Aeronautical use development.  One of the Airport’s goals for this RFP is to determine the highest and best use for these Airport properties.

A site visit is scheduled for Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. (local/CT) at the Airport Conference Room.  A tour of the parcels will be provided, and Airport and City representatives will be available to discuss the details of this RFP and the proposal process.   Please be prepared to show a government-issued identification prior to tours, on the day of the site visit.  Additional visits throughout the proposal period are allowed, and must be coordinated at least 5 business days in advance with Gilbert Sanchez Jr. – AIRPORT DIRECTOR,   |   Manuel De Luna Jr. – Operations Manager/Administration,, at 956.795.2000.

Deadline for questions concerning this RFP is July 31, 2020, 4:00 p.m. (local/CT).  Questions shall be sent to Gilbert Sanchez Jr. – AIRPORT DIRECTOR,   |   Manuel De Luna Jr. – Operations Manager/Administration,  Answers to all written questions will be posted in the form of an addendum.

RFP may be obtained from the City of Laredo’s website.

2019 Port Laredo Brochure

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